TRAGEDIAN To Release Their Fifth Album “Master Of Illusions” In March

Tragedian Band

German Speed/Melodic Power band TRAGEDIAN announced their fifth album titled “Master Of Illusions” which is scheduled to be released on March 24 2023 through Pride & Joy Music. This album contains 10 songs plus bonus tracks with 10 tracks plus bonus tracks.

Track List:
1. Into The Light
2. lluminate
3. Eternal 
4. Against The Storm 
5. The Chance 
6. Escaping Shadows 
7. Exodus
8. Emotions
9. Freedom
10. Obscured Dreams
11. Inner Silence  
12. Reach F.T.S.  
13. United

TRAGEDIAN was formed on 29 August 2002 when it was still called 7TH HOUR, then in 2003 the band’s name changed to TRAGEDIAN until now. They started releasing a demo in 2003 and just released their debut album in 2008 entitled “Dreamscape” and continued the albums “Decimation” (2013), “Unholy Divine” (2017), “Seven Dimensions” (2021).

Line up:
Gabriel Palermo – Guitar
Nicolò Bernini – Drums
Dawid Wieczorek – Bass
Denis Scheither – Keyboards
Joan Pabón – Vocals