KID MONSTER Releases Third Single “S.O.L. And O” From Upcoming New Album “Leaving The Babylon”

Kid Monster Band

KID MONSTER, Hardcore Band from the City of Solo, Indonesia has just released their newest work entitled “S.O.L and O“.

After going through quite a long journey, now they are trying to continue working a little differently than usual. Previously, they released two singles during 2022, “Marionette” and “Bad things“, which are clear evidence and form of the band’s new activation after changing its name to “KID MONSTER“. Currently they are releasing singles in lyric video format. The song “S.O.L and O” is their third single and is the conclusion of the initial series for the launch of their third album entitled “Leaving The Babylon” which is planned to be released through Prodigal Records in the near future. “S.O.L and O” tells about where they were born and where they are invincible and where they are always safe in the circle of life to continue living and working as freely as possible.

With a touch of ego from the band members, this time the arrangement is slightly different and packaged well in a lyric video by Wiki Walrus using our personal documentation assets by Enndy Barillo, making this song even more alive.

Bajul – Vocals
P.M. – Bass
Yoga – Guitars

This band was formed in 2009 with several name changes including in 2013 with the name KM09 they succeeded in releasing an album entitled “Kill The Fuckin Hardcore Trend” through the Kid Fighters Records label and in 2017 under the name KMZERONINE, they released an album entitled “Street Rules” via the Get It Dawg Records label. And now with the name KID MONSTER and the album “Leaving The Babylon” which will soon be released, they are solidifying their journey to continue working without losing the characteristics of their music and with their new formation they continue to innovate and increase their creativity in appreciating a work of musical art.