IMPERIAL AGE Part Ways With Anna Kiara And Belf

Shocking news has just been announced by IMPERIAL AGE, a band formed in Russia which then migrated to Turkey and then to England, announcing that they are parting ways with vocalist Anna Moiseeva and guitarist and bassist Belf.

They announced this news after previously announcing several future plans for 2024, including;

1. Line-up Changes, it’s happened.

2. Reboot Social Media

In his explanation that they needed to delete all personal and band social media pages (those related to Russia) and create new ones (those related to the UK) – to get rid of constant blockages and restrictions.

3. New Songs & Videos

IMPERIAL AGE establishing contacts with British sound engineers and clipmakers, and are ready to start production in January – February 2024.

4. Crowdfunding American Tour

With many requests for an American tour over the years, but booking and promotion agencies have been extremely sluggish in this direction, so they decided to do it themselves, as they had done in the UK. IMPERIAL AGE will be announced about this crowdfunding as soon as they fulfill the few remaining perks from the previous one..

Then regarding the news of their part ways with Anna Moiseeva and Belf, IMPERIAL AGE through its official website said:

“We have parted with Anna Moiseeva and Belf – in a friendly and positive manner. This is a mutual decision, there has been no conflict and we are still friends, with future collaborations (and maybe even tours together?) also possible. However, over the past several years we have all come to understand that it is in the best interests of all parties to go our separate professional ways from here.

Anna has our full blessing to continue rocking with her solo project Anna Kiara – please go ahead and check out her music on every musical platform out there. And Belf has a million projects to attend to (as usual).

We will not be searching for a replacement for Anna – from now on, IMPERIAL AGE will continue with two singers: Jane and Aor. We think that is more than enough, as most bands have just one singer anyway. However, the guitarist and bassist positions are open, and need to be filled in fast – we have a ton of work to do!

Our plans for the next few months include releasing new music and crowdfunding an American tour. We also plan several festival performances and support shows in the UK and EU in 2024.”

Aor, Jane, Manuele


Anna Moiseeva & Belf