GEROGOT, Brutal Image Of The Apocalyptic World In The Single “The Ancient Prophecy”

Gerogot Band

Good news comes from the brutal death metal unit from Surabaya City , GEROGOT, which has just spread terror called “The Ancient Prophecy” as a promo for the newest single on December 6th, 2023.

Through the release of this single, GEROGOT is celebrating their one decade of age. Apart from that, GEROGOT confirmed that they were officially supported by a new record label from Bandung City, namely Kusuma Said Records. “The Ancient Prophecy” was released in lyric video format which is available exclusively only on Kusuma Said Records‘ YouTube channel.

Krisna (vocals), Aditya (guitar), Raka (lead guitar), Amin (bass), and Rama (drums) tried to examine the situation in the global world as it became increasingly chaotic, and even questioned whether this apocalyptic era was already real before our eyes. ? We can see how there are wars that never end, many disputes that can break the chain of brotherhood between human beings, as well as polemics caused by the immoral behavior of irresponsible individuals.

This big theme is very different from the angle that GEROGOT has presented on the two previous full albums, namely “Cruelty Vomit of Hatred” (2016) and “Heading to Eternal” (2021). Currently, the lyrical department is slowly leaving behind the madness of the “gore” theme and taking another perspective on what happens in real life, but still wrapped in brutal levels. Well, you could say this is a transition period in the maturation process in writing lyrics from GEROGOT.

Fragment of the lyrics “The darkness that floods life into hell. The shackles’ chain has been broken. The rising magma will soon be left. Ancient. Demons. For the apocalypse.” is the roar of the turning point of GEROGOT’s anger at all the destruction that is currently plainly displayed in the real world.

The combination of dense and solid brutal riffs is still the confirmation of every GEROGOT material. “The Ancient Prophecy” is a kind of careful processing of brutal death metal poison portions from GEROGOT‘s big influences such as Deeds of Flesh, Malevolent Creation, and Suffocation which are combined into GEROGOT‘s own musical style.

The luxury of “The Ancient Prophecy” is also supported by the illustrations from Bvll Metal Art on the single cover which successfully depict the destruction of the world with a background of burning colors like a burst of hellfire. In the mixing and mastering department, GEROGOT still entrusts Indra Cahya to execute it with the same detail as the previous album.

GEROGOT has prepared the next expansion in 2024 in the progress of work on the latest album. The tour agenda is included in these big notes.

Credit: Fadly Zakaria M.


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