Ethereal Flames – Myths And Legends Of Our Land (2024)

ETHEREAL FLAMES, a symphonic power metal band originating from Italy. Their debut album “Myths And Legends Of Our Land” is planned to be released on April 23rd, 2024 via Sliptrick Records. Here Metal Opera is given the opportunity to listen to all the songs on the album. As usual, the first appearance is on the album cover artwork, an appearance that really confirms that this band is in the power metal genre.

Each song on this album has its own story, woven with ancient narrative threads and reflections on existence, struggle, love, defeat and revenge. This narrative approach enriches the music with emotional engagement that allows listeners to become fully immersed in the story, experiencing each song as a personal journey.

Straight away, as the opening song “Desperate Girl” is a song with melodic heavy metal music character by including quite strong symphonic and keyboard elements, neat guitar melodies in the solo part of this song. With Alessandro Binotti‘s quite heavy vocal character (reminds me of Peter Peavy Wagner‘s vocal character from RAGE, especially the “Soundchaser” album era), it adds energy and enthusiasm to ETHEREAL FLAMES‘ musical character.

The second song “The Holy House“, which is also the first single on their debut album, presents a song that is full of orchestra almost throughout the song and again the guitar melodies play nicely in the solo part. Continuing with the song “Metauro’s Battle“, a very dynamic song with a tempo that goes up and down and they play with several vocal characters including including a growl character and quite an anthemic chorus.

Quite catchy keyboard tones start the song “Restless Knight“, a song with a tempo that is not too fast but feels powerful with a chainsaw guitar rhythm in several moments of this song. And again they play neat guitar melodies in the solo parts of their songs. Then the song “The Witch Of Farneta“, this song starts off quite surprising, how could it not be, starting this song straight away with the beat of drums and guitar as well as vocals and background sounds almost at the same time, but before long the tempo drops and then picks up again and feels heavier and In several moments, a growl vocal character can be heard.

The sixth song “Two Sad Lovers“, here I feel the feel of SCORPIONS music at the beginning of this song, this is a ballad song on this album or more precisely a metal ballad. The chorus of this song is very beautiful and anthemic enough to keep us singing along with the serene guitar melody in the solo part. “The Queen Sibilla” this song feels quite catchy to my ears, powerful melodic heavy metal music with light heavy metal rhythms combined with Alessandro Binotti‘s heavy vocal character and also occasionally reminds me of the vocal character of Attila Dorn (POWERWOLF) so that it is formed a powerful catchy song accompanied by an orchestra far behind.

Pilato’s Lake“, the closing song on this album, begins with a bass line and guitar melody and is then followed by powerful drum beats and an orchestra behind. It wasn’t long before the heavy metal guitar rhythm joined in along with the heavy vocal character. The melodies of the guitar that twist and sing are embedded in this song, the composition of melodic power metal music with the addition of a little orchestra is also helped here. And finally this song became my favorite song on this album.

Overall, ETHEREAL FLAMES with their debut album “Myths And Legends Of Our Land” started their musical journey quite promisingly. An album with the classic heavy metal genre by adopting symphonic components and strong and catchy melodies combined with an orchestra will add to the listener’s experience in their journey through the stories of legends and myths that they present. For fans of bands like POWERWOLF, RAGE, STRATOVARIUS, HAMMERFALL, MALMSTEEN will love this album.

01. Desperate Girl
02. The Holy House
03. Metauro’s Battle
04. Restless Knight
05. The Witch Of Farneta
06. Two Sad Lovers
07. The Queen Sibilla
08. Pilato’s Lake

Alessandro Binotti – Vocals/Lead Guitar
Andrea Palmieri – Rythm/Lead Guitar
Matteo Brillarelli – Bass Guitar
Thomas Mencarelli – Drum

Music: 8/10
Production: 8/10