Eigenflame – Pathway To A New World (2023)

Eigenflame - Pathway To A New World

EIGENFLAME, a symphonic power metal band from Brazil, has just released its debut album “Pathway To A New World” on September 27, 2023. The band, which was formed in 2020, consists of Fabio Tapani (Bass), Fernandes Bonifácio (Guitars), Roberto Índio Santos ( Vocals) and drummer Jean Gardinalli who also plays with EDU FALASCHI and NORTHTALE when they tour Japan in 2023. Looking at the cover artwork for this album, fans of power metal bands will definitely be able to feel the aura or glimpse of the character of the music.

As the opening song, “Created By Chaos (Ad Astra)” is a song that opens with a magnificent orchestra and continues with melodic power metal music with occasional orchestral sounds heard in the background. The drums are very powerful and fast with the choir and orchestra coloring this song. The high-pitch vocals are not left behind as well as fast guitar solos and occasional duets with keyboards. The chorus is catchy and powerful with an optimistic aura, sometimes Roberto Índio‘s vocal character is quite similar to Marc Hudson from DRAGONFORCE.

The second song on this album is “The Mighty Gaia“, the first time I hear this song I immediately think of the their country’s senior band, ANGRA, starting with a guitar melody and high-pitch vocals and you can faintly hear the chorus behind, fast and dynamic drums. Entering the middle of the song, the music stops for a moment and starts a piece of music that is quite unique for me with good vocal techniques accompanied by serene music and the silence ends again after the tempo of the song rises again with high and fast melodies in all the elements coloring this song until the end .

Then the song “Stardust“, which immediately begins with a majestic chorus and high vocals and dynamic drums. The chorus is beautiful and melodic accompanied by quite dense and non-stop drums. The song gets faster when it enters the solo part, the guitar melody twists and fast drums, they also include some quite beautiful symphonic metal moments.

Followed by the song “Way Back Home” which opened with acoustic guitar strumming and bird sounds as well as a beautiful flute instrument that was able to take my mind wild to the very natural outdoors in the middle of a peaceful natural forest. Here I feel that the character of power metal music from Brazil comes out, as in ANGRA or EDU FALASCHI, on the other hand I also remember the song “Turn Back Time” by FREEDOM CALL. Towards the end of the song they included an orchestra and choir so it felt very majestic with a sense of natural peace surrounding the atmosphere.

The fifth song is entitled “Seasons“, this is the first song I heard from this Brazilian band, immediately greeted with fast music like DRAGONFORCE, super fast and powerful drums, fast guitar melodies but sometimes it feels quite progressive especially in the solo part, but when I first heard this song, I immediately thought of the band from England, DRAGONFORCE.

Eclipse Of The Fifth Sun” with a heavy rhythm and faintly audible orchestra, and uniquely here Roberto Índio‘s vocals is quite similar to the Guilherme Hirose (NORTHTALE), slowly but surely the song turns into a song full of harmony and catchy with occasional It feels quite progressive and catchy again with the occasional inclusion of choral elements and ethnic music which can also be heard just before entering the solo part, this song is truly a melodic, dynamic and harmonious and catchy song.

Cosmic Symphony“, when I listened to this song, I was reminded of the vocal character of Marc Hudson (DRAGONFORCE), especially the era of the album “Maximum Overload” with its fast music and bombastic drums and including several choruses at certain moments in this song. Slightly progressive just before entering the solo section. Followed by the song “Power Wings“, I could say this is a ballad song on this album, the song starts off serenely and then breaks up after the high-pitch vocal technique comes out booming and breaks the silence. The keyboards melodies are beautiful and add a little acoustic guitar element and the tempo rises slightly into the solo part which is super duper melodic with a light heavy metal rhythm but Roberto Índio‘s voices is almost always at a high level.

The ninth song “Lines Of Liberty (Multiverse)” is a song that is melodic, fast, powerful, orchestral and with a powerful rhythm that immediately opens this song. The high-pitch vocals don’t miss out on complementing this super melodic power metal song.

And as the closing song “Innerflame” with continuous drum beats opens this song quickly followed by a fast guitar melody and the vocalist’s screams color this song, in this song Roberto’s voice is vaguely like Christian Eriksson or Guilherme Hirose to Marc Hudson with a combination of music that fast and powerful, sometimes you can feel the character of DRAGONFORCE‘s music by adding a chorus at several moments.

Overall, “Pathway to A New World” is a debut album that has a very capable skill capacity from each individual and his instrument. For those of you who want melodic, fast, powerful power metal music with an orchestra and choir as well as high-pitch vocals with quite a multi-character, then this album is a choice that meets your wild expectations. Recommendation for fans of bands such as DRAGONFORCE, ANGRA, EDU FALASCHI, NORTHTALE.

Fabio Tapani – Bass
Fernandes Bonifácio – Guitars
Roberto Índio Santos – Vocals
Jean Gardinalli – Drums

01. Created by Chaos (Ad Astra) – 04:32         
02. The Mighty Gaia – 04:43    
03. Stardust -04:14      
04. Way Back Home – 05:21    
05. Seasons – 04:39
06. Eclipse of the Fifth Sun – 04:26      
07. Cosmic Symphony – 04:21             
08. Power Wings – 04:42          
09. Lines of Liberty (Multiverse) – 04:19          
10. Innerflame – 05:10              

Music: 9
Production: 9

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eigenflameband
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@eigenflameband2892