BLOODBOUND Released Second Single Entitled “The Raven’s Cry”

Bloodbound Band

BLOODBOUND, a heavy power metal band based in Sweden, has just released their second single “The Raven’s Cry“, this song is taken from their new album “Tales From The North“ which is planned to be released on July 7, 2023 through AFM Records. One month earlier, they had released their first single entitled “Odin’s Prayer“, both singles can be watched via the Youtube link at the end of this article.

The song “The Raven’s Cry” is a song that is not too fast, begins with music that is quite thick with Viking nuances and as usual they always create songs with light and catchy choruses. But when you first listen to the chorus of this song, the chorus tends to be a bit towards the typical choir that is usually done by a country band, SABATON. The thing that made me a little less pleased was the sound of the guitar and drums which I felt were a little different from their previous songs, I felt that Henrik Olsson’s rhythm guitar in this song was less manly. But when listening to the solo part, I think those shortcomings are quite covered, how could they not, they make a guitar solo that is short but very melodic and strong.

As for the song “Odin’s Prayer“, this song begins with a guitar melody, drum beats and the screams of the vocalist and continues with a guitar melody that reminds me of the song “Forever” from KAMELOT. This song is very melodic and totally power metal type with a chainsaw rhythm and vocalist Patrik J Selleby‘s clear and powerful voice. The chorus is strong and dashing with the chorus surrounding it during this chorus.

1.           Tales from the North (05:39)        
2.           Drink with the Gods (04:10)          
3.           Odin’s Prayer (05:06)
4.           The Raven’s Cry (03:54)  
5.           Mimir’s Crystal Eye (03:48)           
6.           Between the Enemy Lines (03:53)              
7.           Land of Heroes (03:28)
8.           Sail Among the Dead (04:04)        
9.           Stake my Claims (03:42)                
10.         Sword and Axe (04:19)    
11.         1066 (04:32)

BLOODBOUND was formed in 2004, and during their career they have released nine albums namely “Nosferatu” (2005), “Book of the Dead” (2007), “Tabula Rasa” (2009), “Unholy Cross” (2011), “In the Name of Metal” (2012), “Stormborn” (2014), “War of Dragons” (2017), “Rise of the Dragon Empire” (2019) and “Creatures of the Dark Realm” (2021)

Line up:
Patrik Selleby – Vocal
Tomas Olsson – Guitar
Fredrik Bergh – Keyboards
Henrik Olsson – Guitar
Anders Broman – Bass
Daniel Sjögren – Drums

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Bloodbound - Tales From The North