Arcane Tales – Until Where The Northern Lights Reign (2024)

Until Where the Northern Lights Reign” is the seventh album from ARCANE TALES which was released on January 15th, 2024, a symphonic power metal band from Italy inspired by a fantasy story written by Luigi Soranno who is also the multitalented musician behind ARCANE TALES.

All instruments and vocals on this album were done by Luigi Soranno himself. If I look back at the ARCANE TALES albums, I can describe that the music really reminds me of bands like RHAPSODY, FAIRYLAND or DARK MOOR. The character of symphonic power metal music with strong choirs and a magnificent orchestra filled with stories of fantasy, knights, dragons or kings. And what’s even crazier is that all the work on ARCANE TALES was done by Luigi Soranno himself, including the fantasy stories that color the lyrics of the songs on the album.

The album “Until Where the Northern Lights Reign” presents songs with majestic instruments and orchestras and anthemic and catchy choruses with twisting and harmonious guitar solos. An intelligent combination of the distinctive sounds of symphonic power metal music which is able to lift enthusiasm and convey emotions with a fantasy story of a war between knights and dragons so that it is able to lead us to feel and be carried away by the fantasy story it conveys.

Some of Luigi Soranno‘s songs include growl vocals but most of their songs are epic clear vocals. The combination of keyboard, guitar and symphonic instruments is so amazing that sometimes it even makes me cringe and think ” How can he make music this great?“. And I feel this is the most magnificent ARCANE TALES album and more perfect when compared to previous albums, but when it comes to the album cover, personally I prefer the previous album cover.

My favorite songs on the album “Until Where the Northern Lights Reign” include; “One Last Ride”, “King of Kings”, “Dwarven Storm”, “Dead Hordes Ride From Hell”, “Against the Legions of Darkness”.

Overall, for fans of power metal or symphonic power metal with music that is majestic, fast, powerful, epic, melodic and of course fantasy stories, the album “Until Where the Northern Lights Reign” is a recommendation that I feel is a must have.

1. One Last Ride
2. King of Kings
3. The Dark Portals of Agony
4. Dwarven Storm
5. Dead Hordes Ride From Hell
6. Last Shàranworld’s Hope
7. Against the Legions of Darkness
8. We Will Meet Again
9. Until Where the Northern Lights Reign

Luigi Soranno – All instruments

Music: 9/10
Production: 8/10