Front Row Warriors – Wheel Of Fortune (2023)

Front Row Warriors - Wheel of Fortune (2023)

Wheel Of Fortune” is the debut album by the melodic heavy metal band from Germany, FRONT ROW WARRIORS, this band was formed in 2019 in Stuttgart by drummer Jay-G (SHINING, SHARON), vocalist Elkie Gee (AMPYRE, ANTARES), and guitarist from Romania, Sorin Badin (CARDINAL, SAMSARA, CRYSTAL MAZE). Then in 2020, keyboardist Richie Seibel (LANFEAR, IVANHOE, THEM) and bassist Timo Michels (5TH SEASON, PUMP) joined and were followed by guitarist Stef Binnig-Gollub (SEPTAGON) in the summer of 2022.

The first thing that made me quite interested was, as usual, the cover artwork for the album “Wheel Of Fortune“, the character of the artwork quite describes the character of heavy or power metal bands and after I found out more, the person behind the cover of this album is book and cover artist Uwe Jarling, who is experienced in his field and has very beautiful characters that feel epic.

The album “Wheel Of Fortune” is a debut album which contains 12 songs which are quite complete and amazing with many (very many) beautiful melodies in it. A very great album that has the main basis of heavy metal music and can also be added with hard rock. However, of the 12 songs on this album, two of them are instrumental songs, namely the opening song “2022 – Intro” and the sixth song entitled “Damnation“.

Some of the songs on this album also feel quite fast with pleasant melodies that can be described as in the song “Chasing Shadows“, then there is the song “Deadly Sins” with beautiful guitar strums, vocalist Elkie’s clear voice with a guitar sound that feels quite power metal and heavy metal drums blasting. Fast and melodic guitar solos and faint keyboard accompaniment add to the aroma of power metal music in this song. And the song which is also the title of the album “Wheel Of Fortune” with its acceleration between fast rhythm and dynamic drums as well as a beautiful chorus makes this song able to raise our adrenaline. A very beautiful solo part between the guitar and keyboard that respond to each other as is usually done by the Finnish band, STRATOVARIUS.

We can also enjoy typical hard rock songs on this album, such as the song “Love Is Not A Game“, as well as the song “Fantastic” with light guitar and drum rhythms and a beautiful chorus including several background singers. The solo part that is very interesting is the melodic duet between the two guitarists.

Even songs with typical heavy rock and a bit of thrash can be found in the song “Hell Invaders” with vocals that feel powerful with a little emphasis and include moments of heavy sound. And the melodic heavy metal song “Dystopian Time” with a catchy rhythm that will always make our heads sway with the song’s tempo which is not too fast and dynamic beats combined with powerful vocals and a pleasant chorus.

And the ballad song “Wasted Life” which feels epic with a vocal technique that reminds me of Elisa C Martin from the DARK MOOR or FAIRYLAND era.

My final words, as a debut album “Wheel Of Fortune” is a very good album with main elements of rock and heavy metal with lots of beautiful melodies in every song. Each element has an appropriate portion and good production, making this an album that has quite complete elements and is an enjoyable album. Recommended for fans of bands like ZED YAGO, WARLOCK, PRETTY MAIDS and vocal characters like Sonia Pineault (FORGOTTEN TALES).

Elkie Gee – Vocals
Sorin Badin – Lead Guitar
Stef Binnig-Gollub – Guitar
Timo Michels – Bass
Richie Seibel – Keyboards
Jay-G – Drums

1. 2022 – Intro
2. Chasing Shadows
3. Fantastic
4. Love Is Not A Game
5. Deadly Sins
6. Damnation – Intro
7. Hell Invaders
8. Wheel of Fortune
9. Hell Awaits
10. Dystopian Time
11. The Hunter
12. Wasted Life

Music: 9
Production: 9